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1972 Kawasaki H2 750 for sale.

Tom and I are noted for our enthusiasm for Kawasakis (In contrast to our feelings for Hondas! (only joking)) Well this machine is an example of perhaps the meanest Kawasaki money can buy! Variously known as the "widow maker" and "purple people eater" in its H2C form, this is a wicked weapon by any standard. In 1972 if you were talented (lucky) enough to keep it in a straight line, then this motorcycle would reward you by leaving most others way behind! However, we hope that its potential buyer in 2010 is not motivated by exploring hypothetical extremes of performance, but more excited about listening to a fabulous two stroke triple idle outside the garage in a blue haze of stimulating two stroke emissions! The H2 is in our experience one of the hardest Kawasakis to buy.


This is a lovely example restored to a very high standard. We are completing a full engine rebuild at this time (Jan/Feb 2010) to finish the bike. Note also the factory twin front disk brakes. See photos below.

In addition to the engine work the bike will be road tested, MOTed and serviced by us. It will also be given a pre-delivery road test and check.

Delivery is available in our van at 45p/mile, charged on total mileage.

Mileage 12 indicated miles on new clocks.

Frame # H2F - 20848

Engine # H2E - 20828

Price is £ SOLD April 2010


NB All photos are copyright Classic Bikes Ltd.

1972 Kawasaki H2 750

1972 H2750 in our workshop

1972 H2750 engine - work in progress